Why we prefer to accept payment by wire?

We are a real diamonds wholesaler, offering wholesale diamonds without the markup that other sellers add to their selling price. The loose diamonds for sale at Diamonds By Wire are owned by us.  with the savings, we make passed on to you instead of the credit card companies. payment by wire is our first choice in payment methods so that we can make your purchase more affordable to you. We want each of our customers to have full transparency of how the diamond business operates and to know what you are paying for when you buy diamonds online.

Payment by wire allows us to eliminate the credit card fees that would be charged by banks. We pass the savings to you so that you always get the best possible price. When you submit your payment by wire, we will reimburse your cost up to $45 so that you can make your payment without any fees.

Shopping with a credit card puts your information and your finances at risk of credit card fraud. If you still prefer to make your payment with your credit card, we now offer that option with an additional 3% of the default price.

As an additional form of payment, you can now use Cashier Checks to buy loose diamonds online.

Payment by Wire Is the Safest Method of Transferring Large Sums of Payment

There are two reasons that payment by wire is generally considered the safest method of transferring your money online. For one, all customers making a purchase will be required to supply the appropriate identification to ensure that they are really who they say they are. In addition, the transfer of money is sent as a message from one bank to another as a highly secure message which is encrypted so that it is extremely difficult for it to be intercepted and interpreted by anyone other than the target recipient.

How to buy diamonds online using payment by wire.

A wire payment is the transfer of funds from your bank account to another bank. The bank makes the transfer without the person sending or receiving the funds seeing or touching them. The steps for making a transfer of funds from your bank account to another bank are as follows:

1. Use the internet or phone to contact your financial institution and provide them with the following information: Give them the name of the recipient you will be sending the money to, the recipient bank’s American Banking Association routing number, their account number, the bank’s address and phone number and the person’s name whom they should address any questions to.

2. Decide the amount of funds that need to be wired and when it should be deposited in the recipient bank account.

3. The transaction will need to be completed through your bank. Some institutions will permit initiation of the transaction using the internet while you must use phone or fax to initiate the transaction for others.

4. Confirm that the transaction was successfully completed. Request a faxed or email confirmation or contact the recipient bank for a confirmation of receipt of funds.

Diamonds By Wire will waive any transaction fees that are charged.

Enjoy low prices and a secure transaction when you shop for loose diamonds for sale at Diamonds By Wire with payment by wire!