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  • Star Quality Emerald Cut Diamonds

    Posted on March 20, 2014 by Digital Reach Agency

    Spring is in the air, and love is in full bloom.  For many lovers, this season of renewal and growth is the perfect time for making that big commitment to their dearly beloved.  But before you work up the nerve to ask for her hand, you first need to choose the right diamond.

    Our culture loves taking cues from our favorite celebrities when it comes to making fashion and jewelry choices, including the dos and don’ts of marriage proposals.  For those looking to tie the knot this year, a diamond is likely already a major part of the plan - but for details like cut, color, and setting, we sometimes need a some expert guidance from the stars.

    In Hollywood, longtime co-stars and couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis recently announced their plans to get hitched.  Ashton proposed with a classic diamond ring, a 5-carat emerald-cut rock set in a platinum band.  Timeless rectangular and square styles, like emerald cut and cushion cut, have always been winning choices for engagement pieces, and now Ashton has brought this classic diamond cut to the limelight.

    If it’s good enough for Mila and Ashton, an emerald cut might be the right choice for your engagement, too.  However, there is more to making this decision than celebrity trends.  Different hand shapes lend themselves to different diamond shapes - so before you follow Ashton’s lead, you’ll want to check out the shape and size of her left ring finger…

    Long, slender fingers look the best with rectangular diamonds like Mila’s emerald cut.  If you’re fiancée-to-be has fingers on the smaller and shorter side, she’ll be thankful that you have taken this into consideration when shopping for her engagement ring.

    For a ring like Mila’s that best flatters shorter fingers, opt for a square-cut diamond - the style is still timeless, but unlike a rectangular emerald-cut, squares work well for smaller hands and wider fingers.  Princess and cushion cut diamonds are a more affordable option as well, offering brilliant luster without revealing as many internal imperfections.

    No matter what ring you choose, your perfect diamond will be sure capture the memory of that special moment for the rest of your lives together!  For help narrowing your diamond search, Diamonds by Wire is here to help.


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  • DDC Partners with AGS in New York City

    Posted on March 13, 2014 by Digital Reach Agency

    Those with diamond investments know just how important proper processing and handling is when examining and appraising diamonds.  This is a priority for both diamond collectors and diamond dealers - and when when working with high quality gems, dealers and enthusiasts alike don’t trust just anyone to handle their precious jewels.

    Fortunately for the conscious investors of the New York City diamond community, the American Gem Society (AGS) will soon be opening a take-in window on 5th Avenue in Manhattan for the grading of diamonds in the Big Apple.  Now, the most trusted name in the trade will be at the service of any and all Diamond Dealers Club members in NYC.

    The anchor of the New York Diamond trade, the NYDDC is the largest and oldest active organization in the diamond trade industry, comprising the most important branch of diamond exchange in the United States.  Now with the help of the AGS, the the New York DDC will be even better equipped to serve the US diamond community.

    The American Gem Society Laboratories are the most trusted in the handling of quality diamonds, offering a fast and thorough inspections as well as a trusted and thorough grading system.

    “With the shortest turnaround time of any of the major laboratories, along with the name recognition of the American Gem Society and grading reports that provide consistency and accuracy based on science, our laboratory services are in high demand,” said Ruth Batson, CEO of the AGS and AGS Laboratories. “The partnership with the DDC is very synergistic. Both organizations are focused on the betterment of the diamond industry.”

    This relationship between AGS and NYDDC will help ensure a peace of mind amidst the diamond trade in New York and the rest of the country.  The take-in window will be open for business by mid-March.

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  • The Best Bling of the Academy Awards

    Posted on March 6, 2014 by Digital Reach Agency

    With Oscar night behind us, most of the chatter about the winners and losers, what they wore, and who wore it best is starting to die down.  But after seeing the stars sparkle down the red carpet this year, it’s hard not to still be thinking about all that celebrity bling!

    The best way to make an outfit stand out is with the perfect accessories - and the perfect accessories are usually diamonds.  There were so many celebs styling diamond jewelry that it is impossible to to decide who should get the Oscar for Best Diamond Jewelry this year.  In Hollywood, there’s no wrong way to wear a diamond, but here are a few of our recent favorites:

    Cate Blanchett may have taken home the award for Best Actress, but her earrings were the real winners at this event.   The earrings by Chopard featured a cluster of 11-carat marquise-cut white diamonds accented by opal and white gold.  Perfection.

    Lupita Nyong’o wore a gorgeous set of diamond accents by Fred Leighton to accept her award Best Supporting Actress.  While Lupita looked perfect from head to toe, her diamond headband was the icing on the cake!

    Sandra Bullock was in the spotlight for much of the night as Gravity took home 7 Oscar wins at this year’s Academy Award, and her stunning diamond earrings were shing bring the entire night!  Sandy wore pear-cut Lorraine Schwartz diamond studs to compliment her deep blue gown.

    Jennifer Lawrence wore the timeless Art Déco stylings of Neil Lane for the Academy Awards this year.  Although her elegant diamond necklace may have looked delicate, J-Law’s $2 million accessory weighed in at a whopping 100 carats.  But it was worth the pricetag - with her close cropped hair style, the long diamond chain looked perfect draped down her back.

    The celebrity trend at the Oscars seemed to be bunches and strings of small diamonds, rather than giant rocks.  This delicate diamond look makes it even easier and more affordable to emulate our favorite Hollywood stylings - order a loose diamond of the right cut, size, and color and have it set just right.

    Leave a comment and let us know whose bling inspired you this year at the Academy Awards!

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  • Diamonds of the Deceased

    Posted on March 4, 2014 by Digital Reach Agency

    As diamonds are passed from one generation to the next, family jewels serve to commemorate the deceased long after they are gone.  Heirloom jewelry serves an invaluable purpose in this way, keeping the memory of lost love ones alive for generations in a beautiful diamond piece.  While this concept of familial memorial keepsakes is a long-held tradition in most cultures, an emerging company has taken the idea to a entirely different level.

    The Swiss-based company Algordanza is taking the diamond market by storm with what they are calling “memorial diamonds,” gems that are forged from the ashes of deceased loved ones.  The idea is to literally carry family members with you after they have passed away, and the concept is catching on fast.

    These days, the cost of a funeral can be exorbitant.  Mourning takes enough of a toll on families, so to avoid the costly process of burying the deceased, many are choosing to cremate their remains.  In lieu of a grave, a rising number of people are enticed by the option to memorialize their loved ones with a diamond from Algordanza.

    Humans and diamonds have at least one thing in common: carbon.  The elements necessary for forming a diamond can be found amidst the ashes of human remains after cremation.  Once the carbon materials have been gathered, the process of forging a human diamond is much like the process involved in manufacturing any synthetic diamond.

    According to Algordanza, diamonds fashioned from human elements are as unique as their personage.  Depending on certain details of lifestyle, diet, and health of the deceased, each memorial diamond to a degree represents their unique “personality.”  That is, each diamond will at least be unique in hue, lustre, and purity.

    Mined diamonds, synthetic diamonds, and memorial diamonds are all equally diamonds.  If a diamond is forever, then it seems that memorial diamonds will embody the memory of our late kin for all eternity.

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  • The Diamond Standard

    Posted on February 27, 2014 by Digital Reach Agency

    In this day and age, with our wallets full of credit cards, e-bank accounts, and online shopping habits, it’s easy to forget that money is more than just a concept.  We rarely handle money anymore in the 21st century; it’s faster and easier to swipe a card or click a mouse to transfer funds or make a purchase.

    Transactions were not always handled this way, of course.  For thousands of years, our various modes of currency have been determined to be the commodity that loses the least amount of value over time, such as precious metals and stones.  Even today’s online bank balances are backed by tangible currency, though we rarely have a need to deal in gold coins.

    A Golden History

    For thousands of years, gold and silver have provide the main backing for currency in most civilization.  Beginning in the middle ages, gold and silver coins were used in everyday trading and business transactions.  As the availability of these metals fluctuated throughout history, the use of paper banknotes has become the more practical option for day to day dealings.  However, with investments of wealth, the use of metals and stones remained the the norm.

    Since family wealth passes through many hands though many generations, it is therefore important for the wealth of family estates to be held in items of steadfast value.  While gold has been the standard backing such for major investments for so many centuries, recent market trends indicate that the gold age may be coming to an end.

    Diamonds: the New Gold

    Economists are beginning to believe that gold may have finally lost its luster.  With the price of gold plunging 30% in the past few years, many investors are abandoning their gold-backed ETFs in favor of a more stable commodity: diamonds.

    While the celebration of diamonds in our culture is not new, the stone is now coming into vogue in the international market.  With global demand on the rise, the value of diamonds is also beginning to climb.  It seems that diamonds are the new gold!

    Diamond lovers don’t need any excuse to invest in their favorite rock, but now we’ve got one.  Luckily, making this kind of investment is easy with loose diamonds from Diamonds by Wire!

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  • A Brief Look at Colored Diamonds

    Posted on February 25, 2014 by Digital Reach Agency

    A Brief Look at Colored Diamonds

    There are a number of variables to consider when shopping for a diamond.  When selecting the right stone, we often look for one that is the right size, cut, and clarity to adhere to our budget.  But don’t forget the most important thing: your diamond should represent you!  For many of us, only a colorful diamond can match our colorful personality.

    While a colorless diamond is considered “perfect,” naturally colored diamonds are often quite rare and also quite valuable.  Natural diamond coloration comes from exposure to various elements and chemicals in nature.  Some colored gems are considered impure while others are considered fancy - so what’s the difference?

    The more rare a diamond is, the more valuable it is.  This goes for colored diamonds as well as colorless.  For the most part, any naturally colored diamond other than yellow or brown is considered “fancy.”  The rarest diamonds on the fancy color spectrum are red, followed by by pink and green, with brown being the most common.

    The newest trend on the market is the chocolate diamond, which until now was used only for industrial applications.  Brown diamonds are the most abundant of the colored diamonds, indicating a lower value when compared to diamonds of other shades.  By rebranding ‘brown’ as chocolate, the diamond hue that was once written off by jewelers is now becoming much more popular.

    Different people have different tastes, which is why it is so nice diamonds can be so diverse!  The importance of market trends and relative diamond value varies depending on your needs. Learn more about color grading and become an educated diamond consumer.

    The most important consideration when shopping for a diamond is what color you like best.  Your favorite diamond hue might be the rarest red, or a dark chocolate, or any other shade in between.  With wholesale loose diamonds from Diamonds by Wire, you are sure to find not just any diamond, but the perfect colored diamond for you and your budget.

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  • The Return of the “Man-gagement” Ring?

    Posted on February 20, 2014 by Digital Reach Agency

    The Return of the “Man-gagement” Ring?

    In our culture, love traditionally leads to marriage, and this is as true today as ever.  Love and marriage come in all forms; and while people love getting married in these modern times, modern times mean modern marriage arrangements - and that means modern engagement rings, for women and men.

    When we think romance, our minds flood with old-timey images of a man getting down on one knee with a diamond engagement ring, proposing a happily-ever-after life together.  While diamonds will always be forever, many couples today have their own take on engagement arrangements and marital bliss.

    Recent trends indicate a rise in men’s engagement rings (widely known as “mangagement rings”) on the market to answer the demand for gender equality for diamond engagements.  His and Hers engagement rings are in, no matter who decides to pop the question.

    It is not news that some men love diamonds as much as women do.  From watches and bracelets to stud earrings and cufflinks, men’s diamond accessories often rival a woman’s jewelry collection.  It only makes sense that both fiancé and fiancée be able to rock engagement jewelry as well.

    As it turns out, engagement rings for men are not an entirely new trend.  After nearly one hundred years, the 1920s practice of men wearing engagement rings has apparently made a comeback.  Fashionable diamond mangagement rings today might signify an engagement between a man and a woman, or a marriage commitment between two men.

    As with many of our favorite trends, we have celebrities to thank for the resurgence of the mangagement ring.  Many celebs’ future hubbies are sporting engagement rings to show the world that they are committed.  Engaged men everywhere - gay as well as straight - are following Hollywood’s lead by sporting engagement rings in anticipation of their wedding days.

    21st century marriages join all sorts of modern couples in loving partnership - a man and a man, a woman and a woman, a working mom a stay at home dad...  No matter who is getting engaged these days, there is a diamond ring to tell the world that he is off the market!

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  • Green Diamonds for St. Patrick

    Posted on February 18, 2014 by Digital Reach Agency

    Green Diamonds for St. Patrick

    If you or a loved one is a diamond enthusiast, you certainly don’t need any excuses for adding to your collection of precious stones.  However, if you are still looking for your an excuse for your next diamond purchase, there’s always St. Patrick’s Day!

    Each of your diamonds should be a unique piece in your collection; like snowflakes, no two are the same.  For this St. Patrick’s day, express your inner Irish with a diamond of green!

    The most famous viridescent stone is the Dresden Green Diamond of Germany.  With an extensive history of affluent ownership since 1722, this historic stone is on display today at the Dresden Castle in Saxony, Germany.

    The Dresden Green Diamond is internally flawless, 41-carat masterpiece of nature. Naturally occurring green diamonds like this are among the rarest of the colored stones, making them as valuable as they are beautiful.  The Dresden Green is the prototypical perfect green diamond, serving as a point of comparison between naturally occurring and lab-made green diamonds.

    The unique coloration of this diamond of Dresden comes from exposure to radioactive materials in nature, producing the its trademark “apple green” hue.  Thanks to modern science and technology, the irradiation of diamonds in a laboratory can facilitate colors similar to that of the Dresden Green Diamond, making these unique hues more accessible on the diamond market.

    In the spirit of St. Patrick, diversify your diamond collection by adding a little color.  Shamrocks don’t have to be the only green rocks for St. Patrick’s Day - green diamonds are as festive as it gets.  Everyone is a little bit Irish this time of year, so show your holiday spirit by going green with your next loose diamond purchase!

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  • Valentine’s Day Tips for Success

    Posted on February 13, 2014 by Digital Reach Agency

    Valentine’s Day Tips for Success

    While you can’t go wrong with a dinner reservation, a dozen roses, and a diamond ring, planning the perfect Valentine’s Day can still be plenty stressful.  Your love is special, and you want to show her just how special it is.

    She’ll love you no matter what you do for Valentine’s Day, which is all the more reason why she deserves to have her socks blown off!

    Here are 3 unique ideas for planning the perfect V-Day without the cliché or blasé.

    1.  Make it yourself.  Anyone can buy presents and make reservations - and while this doesn’t make it any less fun to get gifts and eat out, these plans can lack the personalized touch that will really make your Valentine’s Day memorable.  Try making her a handmade card with a personalized message to accompany her diamond necklace, or cook something special to share for dessert after you get home from dinner.

    2.  Customize it.  No matter what you’ve got up your sleeve for this holiday of romance, make sure it’s designed with her in mind.  Whether you’ve had a pair of earrings custom made with her favorite colored diamonds or prepared her favorite meal for dinner, make this Valentine’s Day feel like your own by adding small, personalized touches here and there.

    3.  Keep it simple.  The more relaxed your plans are, the more relaxed you’ll both be on Valentine’s Day.  Whether it’s your first February 14th together or your fiftieth, there’s no need to overthink it.  Your significant other will be happy to spend some alone time with you no matter your plans, so don’t let your nerves take away from the fun!

    By keeping these tips in mind as you prepare for your day, we at Diamonds by Wire hope that you’ll have the best Valentine’s Day yet!

    We want to hear what you’ve got planned -  leave us a comment with tips for the rest of us for the upcoming V-Day.

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  • Valentine’s Diamonds

    Posted on February 11, 2014 by Digital Reach Agency

    Valentine’s Diamonds

    Now that February is upon us, so too is the day each year dedicated to the celebration of love and romance - Valentine’s Day!  In honor of the patron saint of love and courtship, Valentine’s Day is a time of togetherness for you and your dearly beloved, so be sure to let her know how special she to you this February 14th.

    Say what words can’t capture by giving her flowers, chocolates, and of course diamonds!

    We supply stones of all different shapes, sizes, and colors, so no matter what you have planned for your loose diamond purchase - earrings, necklace, bracelet, ring - you can be sure your gift will be a one of a kind creation!

    This Valentine’s Day, you want to give her something special to remember this day forever.  And what better way to honor your sweetheart than with a timeless heart-shaped diamond?  The perfect stone to be set in a special Valentine’s Day necklace, giving a diamond in the shape of a heart sends the crystal clear message of lasting love.

    Don’t forget to customize the color!  With our vast selection of vibrant hues, you’re sure to find a diamond in her favorite shade.  Can’t decide on a color?  Remember, you certainly can’t go wrong with a soft pink or a vibrant red this time of year!

    With Valentine’s Day 2014 just a few short weeks away, don’t waste any time in finding a gift for the one you love.  If you don’t see you perfect diamond on our website, submit a request and we’ll do our best to find the the one you’re looking for!

    A loose diamond from Diamonds by Wire is a thoughtful (and affordable) gift to express your love on 02/14/2014 - let us know what your ideal Valentine’s Day diamond would look like!

    We’re hopeless romantics here at Diamonds by Wire - we want to hear what you have planned for this V-Day.  Leave us a comment below and let us know what you’ve got cooking for your special someone!

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